Wettest Effluent Treatment

About Wettest Effluent Treatment

Aeration with blower
WET was registered in 2013 but has traded and been rendering services in various ways since 1990.

WET's main focus has always been waste water and effluent treatment and has specialised in the poultry industry and tannery industry.

Our background is Chemistry with microbiology since a degree in that was obtained in 1989.

In the early years we supplied various chemicals in the cleaning and water treatment as well as waste water industry. Our experience in this has come in handy since we are able to do our own blending and formulations for various applications.
  WET offer chemical, mechanical and biological solutions for the waste water industry.
COD digester
We formulate and blend our own chemicals for specific requirements as well as supplying the correct bacteria and mechanical solutions for biological waste water treatment.

WET has specific specialties for:
WET has vast knowledge and experience in water aeration solution and articulation:
WET has its own laboratory and we do water analysis and make the required proposal for different challenges and requirements. Water analysis range from chemical and biological analysis.
Raw effluent biological digestion

WET does regular site visits to follow up and train operators in waste water treatment and the operation of systems and processes like DAF machines, dewatering centrefuges,beltpress or screw press equipment.

WET work closely with equipment suppliers to ensure correct equipment for the specific requirement and the supervision of installations etc.